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Just some narcissistic hatred

I really really hate myself sometimes.
I have a good caring family with a relatively good life, but i keep being selfish and self-centered, thinking that just because i was lonely for a while no one understood when i myself knew it wasn’t true. And then i kept telling myself that i’m useless, right now i’m still doing it, i know i’ve got self-esteem issues but i don’t even bother trying to get over it. Probably because i want those issues for attention to be paid to me

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idk man.

I have friend whom I have sex with. Both agreed to do this without romantic shit. But we do more then “just” have sex. We have movie nights with his mum and little sister. He wants me to come over just to cuddle. He wants me to meet his dad. He takes me out traveling. He talks about all the shit that he deals with. He can shed a tear, no problem. We all need to be able to do that. We are really comfortable with each other.

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I don’t even know why

My friend and only recently planned to attend gay pride this year. I asked her is she knew when it was she replied with “Idfk.” So I go on and I realise that I have hospital appointments and a holiday abroad dotted about when gay pride was on, I told her this and know shes throwing a hissy fit at me. I have a medical condition called scoliosis. I have surgery on the only day we can go. If this surgery doesn’t go correctly I could be in

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what the hey.

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Dear Laptop Screw

You mother fucking piece of shit, where the hell are you? My damn computer is falling apart and I’m literally holding it together!! And when I call customer service, THEY DON’T FUCKIN SPEAK ENGLISH BUT THEY SELL THIS POOR SHIT TO US AMERICANS!!! AND GUESS THE HELL WHAT?!? WE SPEAK ENGLISH!!! Now I have to deal with your lost ass while holding my laptop together… dammit.

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Im lonely…and people bash me because im gay.

4043268395. insanely gay male. need guy
friends. I can travel. Looking for love…or just a Wild guy thats dom. COME MAKE MY DREAMS REALITY.

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EX BEST FRIEND’S birthday today. fucking bitch i hate you. you’re such a hypocrite and back stabber. trying to be me. WTF FUUUU i fucking hate you stupid ass bitch

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a photo of my dad’s girlfriend in a wedding dress

my mother just showed me a picture of her now-ex-husband’s (a.k.a my dad)’s girlfriend in a white dress and vail. a wedding photo-fucking-shoot. WHICH. in itself is fine (not really) but SHE HAD TO FUCKING DO IT WITH A SNICKER. LIKE IT WAS A JOKE. I’M SORRY MOTHER BUT IS THIS VERY FUNNY TO YOU???? maybe so, but for me- i just saw her as a fucking insensitive parent. she showed the photo to me like i wouldn’t care and as much as i pretend i don’t and

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I don’t care what anyone else says, I wanna fall in love with you.

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my shop

hello everybody!

l am a designer for zazzle.com

l make fabulous products and unique gifts.

l would love it, if you’d look through my shop

and see if there is anything you like.

if not, you can make requests, of what you’d like

to have done.

keep in mind, l do mostly abstract art.

l don’t draw, never learned how.

however, l do have many friends who draw.

l might be able to call in a favor! haha

l also do abstract digital photography.

you can see examples

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I want to get over you

You broke my heart. My world was turned upside down when you told me you didn’t love me anymore. First you told me it was because you wanted to concentrate on your work and studies. You didn’t see a future. But I got hung up on the fact that we could get back together eventually.

After 10 days I texted you again. Wanting to get back together. I wanted to be the rock in your life. I wanted to be what you were to me. The one constant

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Fuck the weatherman

The weather changes when you leave me, I bet you didn’t know that. The first time the world froze: ice covered windshields, the pavement. My breathing came hard because that’s what I needed to stop crying, steady breath. It trickled in through the night, as your words froze my life they froze the air. This time the world became consumed in fire. I woke up to dense heat, slicking my hair and skin, biting at the flesh hidden under shorts.

If this is the last time just know

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bad days

why cant people understand that if you’re having a bad day to leave them alone?

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i failed general chem1… again

I go to uni, and I can’t seem to pass chemistry. I’m a bio major trying to get in the medical field and I can’t even pass a general chem course. I’m thinking of changing my major, but all my life I’ve had “pursue medicine” guzzled and forced down my throat (that’s what she said, lol). Anyway, I’m not sure what to do, I want to major in art but when I told my mum about this she said she’d kick me out of the house. ( she’s

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Every woman I meet is an absolute neurotic bitch. I’ve found that a lot of women do NOT make good friends. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are plenty of amazing women, who are level headed and great to become close to but they’re becoming fewer and fewer.

The last chick I had something with became clingy, possessive and emotionally manipulative. Others that weren’t as serious were just shallow, and flaky. Is it me? Have I had seriously bad luck? Lately I’ve focused on my career, and

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