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I enjoy breaking peoples spirits, is that bad?

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I really <a href="ht

I really coludn’t ask for more from this article.

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Ppl like you get all

Ppl like you get all the brnais. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

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Ugh! My life, where’d it go

I have been in long-term relationships since I was 12! I was with someone thirteen years and left him to be with my “first-love” from when I was 12 – 17 years old. I then fell into pill addiction and he died of a heroin overdose when I turned thirty. Now I am going to be 33 next month, have two of the brattiest kids god created and a husband that treats me like garbage and won’t work to support us, living in a finished attic with two

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I still miss you.

Or at least I miss the man I thought you were. I really believed in you. It was probably misplaced faith, but I wanted to believe you were real and good and true. That you’d be someone who could love me and who I could love back.

You don’t know it, but you really hurt me. Because you gave me hope for a beautiful relationship that was never going to be. It was never going to happen because you’re still immature and don’t know what you want. It’s

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My goal is to become a famous architect. Not for any selfish man to put his shit in, but just to look at and say, “Hey. That’s a pretty fucking big building.”

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I hate my life. Kind of wish I wasn’t such a fuck up so I could do great things and not lame things like work at McDonalds. I may have been dealt a shit hand, but the only joy I find is in God and everyone wants to take that away too. The world needs more love and less hate. Our kids aren’t getting the messages. All everyone ever talks about is murder and politics. Can’t we talk about holding hands and working manual labor for a reliable,

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This is required to fucking type so I will. I have Tourette’s and everyone makes fun of this kid, thinking he has no feelings whatsoever and everyone is probably thinking twitchyMcjerkfuckface is on bathsalts because he my eyes twitch and are literally pulling out of my face. I try to have friends, but they all think I’m neurotic, which I am, because apparently I make everything up and everyone else is fucking goodiefuckingtooshoes. My mother is telling me that I need to get a job, when coporate dingleberries

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Addressed to Sage

I don’t know why I wanted to write this. I guess I just feel like this would be one of the places you or your sister would go to write stuff and I wanted to.. I don’t know. Make or get clarity.
It’s been a while since I last saw you. It was like one big perforated page. As soon as I said that I needed to leave and I finally did – We split. Completely. And I couldn’t get a hold of you again.

I saw your

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Ok, I lied.

I do miss you…

I know I really shouldn’t because you haven’t treated me right. Still, I guess in my heart of hearts I wish that somehow you’d come around and be the amazing guy I thought you were when I met you. You seemed so sweet and romantic, and you gave me this great feeling inside that I haven’t felt in years. This feeling that love is possible, even though I’ve been heartbroken before.

I don’t know if it could have happened for you and I because

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Oh, you miss me?

Well I DON’T.

Know why? Because you treated me like crap and I don’t wanna go back to that.

I am not your option.
I am not your booty call.
I am not your “fallback girl.”
I will not be put on the backburner.
I will not be anyone’s second choice.
I will not be walked on.
I will not play the fool.

“Everyone falls in love with me,” you said. Well, you’re wrong. You’re hot, that I won’t deny… but it’s not enough to keep me.


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Hate him!

My Grant father is so fucking stupid he thinks he can tell me what to do when he’s not my dad and my mom does absolutely nothing to help me I just want to have my boyfriend Brandon over so we can lay in bed and cuddle and he said that’s not allowed we can just lay in bed all day even though I do that with all my friends it’s not like we’re doing anything bad!!!
I really want to kill him in his sleep I fucking

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i miss my friends

i miss my best friend of younger years. he was stupid and made a silly mistake and now we cant talk. stupid boys and men.

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I am scared for the future

Before I start, I want to say that this seems to be mostly the actions of girls, but is a general concern regardless. I am honestly so scared for the future of my tribe, particularly when my generation starts entering the tribal council and other tribal jobs. Kids in my generation have been told since they were young that they were leaders, but no one told them what being a leader entailed. As a result of that, they have grown up thinking they were leaders and acted accordingly.

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Why is love so complicated?

Why do I always fall for people that won’t love me back? I’m inlove with a girl who doesn’t even know it. She gives me mixed messages, one day I’m Mr perfect and the next she ignores me. I don’t know if shes playing hard to get, if shes shy, or just isn’t into me. Girls are so complicated. I just want her to love me, why is that so hard to understand? Am I unlovable? I just want her to confess her feelings for me (if she

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